The Flowers of Aeskulap

Why use Flower Essences?

Flower essences are subtle, water-based  infusions made from wildflowers. They are able to unlock many kinds  of  blockages and can be of support when dealing with  physical, emotional and situational issues.

Here are some reasons why you might want to consider using Flower Essences:

  • you have a physical problem that you are being treated for but which is not improving as  expected
  • you are looking for help in coping with worry,  anxiety, with feelings of depression, insomnia or other types of stress
  • you are experiencing difficulties in your relationships,  finances or work situation
  • your work does not really suit you but you feel helpless about making any changes
  • your children are having problems at home or at school and your are looking for non-invasive support
  • you are seeking help for a pet.

Flower Essences work through the body-mind connection, are non-invasive and compatible with all other types of treatments.

Disclaimer: Flower Essences are not a substitute for medical care. If you suffer from any medical condition,  physical or mental, please see a qualified health care provider.
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